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Ostomy Swim Wraps - Size and Material Selection Guide

Choosing the best wrap to suite your ostomy can be quite challenging as it has to provide comfort while performing our sports activities without being too tight or loose.

We recommend 100% Spandex fibre it is lightweight and comfortable to wear, resistant to perspiration, has great elasticity, and is durable and provides strong resistance to salt water and chlorinated pools.

To provide further comfort it is available with an optional pocket bag that brings additional comfort and stability as it holds the bag in place and prevents it from detaching or loosening.

The Ostocare ® ostomy wraps are both suitable for men and women.


Suitable for ileostomies, colostomies or urostomies

-Provides comfort and stability in movement while holding the bag

-Suitable to be immersed in sea water or swimming pools

-Recommended for sport as it is sweat-resistant

-Can be used with any bathing suit

Don't you know your size? We Give you a tip So you Can Get it right.

Our sizing guide is equally important in making the correct selection to suite your size therefore we recommend you carefully read and follow the following steps :

Measure your waist And then look for your equivalence in this table

S 65cm-79cm

M 80cm – 94cm

L 95cm – 104cm

XL from 105 cm